Every study on chocolate is pointing to the same conclusion: there is something in chocolate that is really good for us.
— David Wolfe

What Are Cacao Ceremonies?

Originating thousands of years ago in the sacred traditions of the Olmecs, Aztecs, and Mayans,Cacao Ceremonies promote inner awakening, healing, and revelations.

Consuming pure cacao as sacred medicine opens the heart, allowing you to build a deeper connection with yourself. During a Cacao Ceremony, we come together in community, drink chocolate and raise our collective vibrations.

Each cacao ceremony is different. Sometimes, it is a celebration with music, mantras, singing and dancing. Other times, it is a deep internal journey, releasing negative emotions and reconnecting with lost parts of the soul.Cacao is the facilitator, taking people wherever they need to go, all with more self love and an open heart.

We invite in the spirit of the cacao within the cacao ceremonial container, and allow it to guide us on our journey.

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Sami sets the tone and holds such beautiful safe space for her sacred cacao ceremony. I
experienced a deep heart opening connection as she wove together grounded, heartfelt
authentic teaching and meditation, along with a real reverence for the spirit of the cacao itself.
I count Sami’s cacao ritual ceremony as one of my all time favorites.
— Annie Mark, Shamanic Breathwork ®️ Facilitator, Musician


About Cacao  

Cacao is a beautiful, heart-opening sweet medicine that allows you to connect deeply within and bring forth your own magic. It takes you to the door that you need to look through, but unlike other plant medicines it does not push you through the doorway.  

It invites deeper heart connection, more self-love, and connection to your higher self - all which aid in connecting with whatever you happen to be working through. Cacao facilitates healing and transformation, and occasionally, but not always, unlocks euphoric states. 

 This “Food of the Gods” is also a nutrient-dense superfood, often used to augment creativity and increase productivity. It truly is magical. 


Cacao Wild:ness 

Sami works primarily with Keith’s Cacao™, which is 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao direct grown in the Guatemalan highlands. It is bought directly from the source - the original Chocolate Shaman, Keith. He is now the largest employer in the area, working with indigenous families to grow and harvest some of the best cacao you’ll find anywhere. 

For two years, Sami has been working with the spirit of the cacao, leading ceremonies for training groups and festivals. Something magical happens each time she invokes the spirit of the cacao, with the perfect people showing up.  

Sami has led cacao ceremonies accompanied by incredibly talented musicians Stephanie Urbina-Jones, Annie Mark, Matt Venuti, and Michael DiMaria. Sami also led a cacao ceremony for 80 people, marking the total solar eclipse in August 2017. 

Sami facilitates sacred cacao ceremonies within Wild:ness offerings S.H.I.P. and Breathe Yourself Wild! Retreat. If you are interested in a cacao ceremony for your community, contact Sami at the link below. Please share details about your community when inquiring.

Interested in bringing a Cacao Ceremony to your community?

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Purchase Cacao 

A lover of high-quality chocolate, Sami is part of Keith’s Cacao™ practitioner program.  

Keith’s Cacao cuts through the mental clutter, enhancing focus and concentration while enabling you to hear your heart, making self-expression, creativity and connection easier and more enjoyable.
— Keith’s Cacao website

 If you would like to purchase Keith’s Cacao™ for your personal use, please use the following link to receive a discount. 

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