Join us for a 7-day, full immersion into the 5 Elements and a Heart Centered Transformation at Villa Sumaya, a stunning boutique hotel on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  

Designed for those seeking deep healing, transformation, and an introduction to the elemental teachings of Shamanic Breathwork®, this highly experiential retreat will be a deep dive into reconnecting with your inner Wild:ness, a place of authentic expression - embracing all we encounter with loving compassion.  

Sami, along with carefully selected co-facilitators, will guide you to dream a new reality, to face your shadows and celebrate your true wildest expression in the world through fully embodying each of the 5 Elements, the gifts of their teachings, and journeying through Shamanic Breathwork to Breathe Yourself Wild! 

1:1 Personal Retreat

Wild:ness offers 5-day, residential, personal intensives. They’re the perfect solution when your wild side needs serious rekindling or if you’ve lost your way, if you require or prefer individual programs, or are unable to attend Breathe Yourself Wild!. 

1 to 1’s are hosted at Ardilla House in beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. They are personally guided by Sami, and specially catered to your specific needs.  

We work closely with you in designing the best program to meet your goals, utilizing a selection of tools that may include Shamanic Breathwork ®, yoga, cacao, personal time, visits to local indigenous families, the Shakti art process, and more! 

What Is S.H.I.P.? 

The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (S.H.I.P.) is a Shamanic Breathwork ® training program. It’s for those wishing to explore their own healing on a deeper level; and S.H.I.P. is the Level One training for those interested in becoming a certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator.  

During S.H.I.P., you will embark on a journey through 5 elemental initiations, designed to help you reconnect to your Self and your inner Wild:ness. Through this program, you will learn to walk the spiral path, and embrace the seasons of change 

The 5 Elemental Initiations 

  • Water: The Spiral Path & Shamanic Consciousness 

  • Earth: Family of Origin and & Honoring the Ancestors  

  • Fire: Embracing our Shadows 

  • Spirit: Opening to the Beloved, Contacting Your Spiritual Helpers and Guides 

  • Air: Awakening the Shaman Within and Sacred Purpose 


This program focuses on removing the obstacles to true growth, letting go of old story lines that no longer serve you, and stepping into your sacred purpose in this lifetime.  

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Originating thousands of years ago in the sacred traditions of the Olmecs, Aztecs, and Mayans,Cacao Ceremonies promote inner awakening, healing, and revelations.

Consuming pure cacao as sacred medicine opens the heart, allowing you to build a deeper connection with yourself. During a Cacao Ceremony, we come together in community, drink chocolate and raise our collective vibrations.

Each cacao ceremony is different. Sometimes, it is a celebration with music, mantras, singing and dancing. Other times, it is a deep internal journey, releasing negative emotions and reconnecting with lost parts of the soul.Cacao is the facilitator, taking people wherever they need to go, all with more self love and an open heart.

We invite in the spirit of the cacao within the cacao ceremonial container, and allow it to guide us on our journey.