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Embrace your Wild:ness!


Rediscover & Reconnect with yourself, nature, and the world around you, in a supported and loving environment 


Wild:ness helps you heal, grow, and change with
life-transforming Shamanic Breathwork® Breathe Yourself Wild! Retreats, 1 to 1 Personal Intensives, and Cacao Ceremonies - all held in Earth’s most beautiful, mystical locations. 

Working with Wild:ness will allow you to deeply connect within and without, bring forth your own magic, and transform into a new, better you. By using the breath and other healing modalities in a safe, loving space, we create true connection and expression. You’ll find out who you really are - and unleash the wildest, rawest, most authentic version of yourself! 


It’s time to find and embrace your own Wild:ness - a state of true beauty, of true being, of full humanness. 

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It is only in your true, wildest self, that you find inner peace and beauty.
— Sami Malcolm


breathE yourself Wild! RETREAT

Join us for a 7 day, heart centred guide and embodiment of the 5 elements in a stunning boutique hotel on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. This is a highly experiential retreat in magical surroundings

1:1 Personal INTENSIVE

Be held on a deeply personalised 5 day residential intensive, designed especially for you. For those who need to rekindle their lives. Stay in a unique and special space in an indigenous Mayan village surrounded by nature


Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process is designed to accelerate and Awaken the Shaman Within™. Walk the spiral path to take your first step towards becoming a Shamanic Breathwork facilitator or attend for your own personal healing

Cacao Ceremonies

Celebrate by coming together in community to participate in the ancient traditional of drinking chocolate. Build a deeper connection with yourself as the sacred medicine of pure cacao opens your heart within and without

I felt so taken care of and supported.
— Student Testimonial

Sami is a master at building safe containers to allow transformational work to happen.
— Student Testimonial
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Is Wild:ness for You? 

Wild:ness serves those ready to personally transform, whether through a personal healing journey, or by walking the spiral path toward becoming a Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner. 

How do you know if Wild:ness is for you? See if any of these questions resonate with your soul. 

  • Are you looking to create real and lasting change in your life? 

  • Do you want to deepen your connection and unconditional love to yourself, others, nature, and world around you? 

  • Do you want to fully immerse yourself in nature, to understand and embrace the seasons of change? 

  • Are you looking to reclaim your Wild:ness, your passion, and your power, as you recover lost aspects of yourself? 

  • Do you seek to uncover your sacred purpose, and learn how to share your gifts with the world? 

  • Are you interested in becoming a Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner? 

  • Do you want to see the world become a better place? 

If you answered “Yes!” to any question, then you are in the right place - and Wild:ness has created its uniquely transformational offerings with loving care, to help you on your path. 

Each offering is specifically catered to the individual or group. We bring together the finest teachers, healers, and experiences to help you find the change you seek - and achieve your innermost desires. 

Guided by the Breath, the 5 Elements, and the Cycles of Change, you’ll be fully nurtured and supported, as you journey the Shamanic path through deep inner work to reach your destination of personal transformation. 

Are you ready to Breathe Yourself Wild!?

| Release | Reconnect |

| Rejoice |


Just think -  

Who would you be if you could Release fear, judgement, and self-doubt; fully letting go of what no longer serves you? 

What would it feel like to Reconnect with your true, “wild” nature, and Rediscover your full humanness? 

How would you Rejoice, after successfully making changes you deeply desire, and then experiencing the fulfilling life you were always meant to live? 

How would your life be if you could strip the layers back, if you could breathe yourself free? 

Enter your own Wild:ness - it’s time to begin the journey to connection, soul healing, and transformation. 


It’s time - to Breathe Yourself Wild

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