This is a shamanic death and rebirth that transforms millions of lives each year all over the globe.
— Linda Star Wolf

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What is S.H.I.P.? 

The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (S.H.I.P.) is a Shamanic Breathwork ® training program. It’s for those wishing to explore their own healing on a deeper level; and S.H.I.P. is the Level One training for those interested in becoming a certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator.  

During S.H.I.P., you will embark on a journey through 5 elemental initiations, designed to help you reconnect to your Self and your inner Wild:ness. Through this program, you will learn to walk the spiral path, and embrace the seasons of change 

The 5 Elemental Initiations 

  • Water: The Spiral Path & Shamanic Consciousness 

  • Earth: Family of Origin and & Honoring the Ancestors  

  • Fire: Embracing our Shadows 

  • Spirit: Opening to the Beloved, Contacting Your Spiritual Helpers and Guides 

  • Air: Awakening the Shaman Within and Sacred Purpose  

This program focuses on removing the obstacles to true growth, letting go of old story lines that no longer serve you, and stepping into your sacred purpose in this lifetime.  

Sami is a truly shamanic being. She created such a safe space that allowed me to be present with my experience and feel as supported as I needed. She was a pivotal part of one of my most intense breathwork experiences and she has left a lasting imprint in my psyche and heart. Anyone that works with Sami will come away from the experience with a touch of medicine and magic.
— Reeta Hernes, Student Participant

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Who is S.H.I.P. for? 

The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (S.H.I.P.)  is designed for: 

  • Anyone who wants to become a certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. S.H.I.P. is the Level One training.  

  • Anyone who wants to heal the past; to live more fully in the present; and to embrace, embody and express their true wildest selves. 

  • Those who wish to create more fulfilling and lasting relationships with yourself, your families, and the world around you. 

The Wild:ness Promise 

When you train in Shamanic Breathwork with Wild:ness, we promise to support your journey along the shamanic path in 3 key areas: 

  • Intention - Our intention at Wild:ness is to give participants the fullest, richest experience possible; setting the scene to provide the opportunity for safe, soul-nourishing breathwork journeys. 

  • Facilitators - A guaranteed minimum of 3 facilitators will support each training, consisting of resident staff, local experts, and experienced breathwork guides. We put the best team together for you, each specifically selected for the magic that they bring.  

  • Integration & Processing - We put an emphasis on integrating your breathwork experiences through highly skilled processing. We always build sufficient time into our program to honor  integration and processing, the key to getting the most value from your journeys. 


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S.H.I.P. Guatemala 

Dates: TBC
Location: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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